Cannabis and Muscular Sclerosis

For some people, they deal with inflammatory pain in different ways, including muscular sclerosis and others. MS is an autoimmune condition that hits your central nervous system, and it comes from an immune system that’s not functioning. This usually attacks the nerve cells, and because this is made up of proteins and fats and is a part of the electrical impulse, it affects the way the nervous system functioning happens, and it can cause communication issues between the brain and body, creating permanent damage to the nerve endings. At some point, the scar tissue starts to form, in an attempt to heal this part of the body. 

This can cause numbness, electric shock feelings, tremors in the body, full or partial vision loss, fatigue, spasms and muscle weakness, problems with walking, speech which is slurred, a problem with dizziness, and also issues with the bladder and bowels. Right now, there are different treatments to help with the muscle and nerve pain, and also some ways to handle the issues with mobility, and spasm treatment, and different medications to help. But can cannabis help with this? Well, you’re about to find out. 

The ECS and MS 

MS does have a ton of symptoms, and one might wonder where marijuana fits into this. Well the ECS plays a role in this, including how to breathe and other balances too, and it helps the body properly operate at different levels. Some research has found that ECS through the body and nervous system does help with a variety of factors, including the cannabinoid receptors, and the enzymes that break this down. 

It also has cannabinoids, which can help to influence problems in the body. These problems, of course, include the way the nervous system reacts, and how it attacks the nervous system in MS. A study was done at a university in Italy which looked at the endocannabinoids in a variety of patients, and the results found that those patients that had relapsed MS did have higher anandamide in the examples of their cerebrospinal fluid, and also more immune cells too. 

It also was found that elevating this did happen in mice when given cannabinoids, so yes, the ECS does alter MS in some ways. The problem, however, is that human trials are needed in order to really say that cannabis is a surefire way to treat these conditions and symptoms in the body. 

Cannabis and spasms 

Spasticity is the stiffness of the joints and other areas in MS patients, which makes it hard to move, and it can wreak havoc on the quality of life in some people. There are some studies to figure out how to reduce this and improve the quality of life in these patients. In a 2012 study, there were patients that smoked cannabis, and this was put up against a placebo in terms of the way the patients were treating the spasticity in this. 

The studies are still being tested, but hopefully, future studies can help to figure out a better idea f how cannabis can be good to manage this. Right now, there is some potential for marijuana to be a good idea for those suffering from spasticity to the point where various governments are trying to legalize cannabis medicines for this, and there are even some oral sprays to help with this spasticity, and they do include cannabis as well. Usually, it has equal amounts of both THC and CBD. While it doesn’t work for everything, it helps some. This may be the answers people need to better understanding MS, and how to treat it. 

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