Can weed actually impact fertility? This is a question and it may be something to look at, especially for those who are looking to conceive. 

The Link Between This 

Fertility is not straightforward, since for men, it’s about producing good sperm, and for women, it’s good ovulation.  There are different biological processes that are a part of this, and the ECS may be a part of this. Remember, the ECS works to help maintain homeostasis, and this can technically include the reproductive system. 

It could paly a huge part in not just pregnancy, but also the maintenance of it, and also in terms of how it is able to hold a child. In a study, it was found that the endocannabinoid receptors, when fully expressed, it can play a huge role in the fertility of males. With this being said, it’s important to look at the effects of this, and it can possibly play a role in this as well. 

Men Vs. Female Fertility 

For guys, obviously the main focus is sperm count. According to recent studies, it was found that cannabis did result in a reduced sperm count and also a reduced concentration, and this was found in both humans and animals too. It was found that the motility and viability as affected in those who smoke marijuana within about a three month period. 

The research found that it actually reduced the motility by 29%. As for motility, it actually made it a bit harder for them to be motile, which hindered the possibility of this actually fertilizing with the egg. There is another study that was found as well that there was progressive motility in those who had sperm samples that were incubated with THC though, so it may have the opposite effect. As for libido in males, it was found that it can help with this, and it actually increases libido in both ways, having more sex, and also enjoying intercourse as well. What about in women though? 

Well, first let’s look at ovulation, which showcases that it may have an adverse result in the eggs of a woman. In a study that was done with embryos that had higher levels of concentration of THC, it was found that the higher concentration resulted in fewer quality eggs, and it also hindered the likely chance of good, viable embryos as well. This meant that they were less likely to go past the first week of the development, and it can mean infertility too. 

For libido, it was found that there was an increase in the sex drive however, a bigger decrease in the pain, and also better orgasms in those females who smoked marijuana, and it definitely offered more satisfactory orgasms too. Then there is hormones. There is a chance that there might be a disruption in those gonadotrophin hormones, and this means a reduced amount of estrogen and progesterone, which are both key for reproduction in women. 

Should you have Marijuana when Trying to conceive or Have a Child 

It’s actually not a good idea. It was found that those who tried to conceive while using cannabis weren’t as likely to be successful as others, and hat there were those that weren’t able to hold a baby in their body. That’s because it can cause other problems too for some mothers. 

The biggest one, is low birth weight. This puts the child at risk, especially after it’s out of the body, and many mothers who use cannabis deal with that. So if trying to conceive or be fertile, it might be best to avoid it. 

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